Several times a week we’re contacted by companies that want to enter Brazil but there is a catch.  You see the company wants to sell huge amounts of their product in Brazil and make a huge margin, but they don’t want to invest a single dollar and they don’t want to take any risk.  They want a local Brazilian company to make all the investment and take all the risks.  If the venture is profitable, they’ll let the Brazilian partner keep a percentage of the profits.

The problem is that very few business opportunities work like that.  Brazil is a huge market with great potential that attracts companies from around the world.  For nearly any product or services there are already companies here selling something similar.  Trying to enter the Brazilian market without investing time and money and taking some risks will generally be a waste of your time. 

In our experience the best way to ensure a profitable Brazilian market entry and manage risk is to work with a local partner to assess your needs and determine all of the information and costs you would need to put together a detailed plan of how to enter the market and how everything works including importation, opening an entity, supply chain, distribution and logistics etc.

Our most successful clients are making millions of dollars in Brazil.  One thing they all have in common is they started out with a feasibility/market study.  At iCAABS we offer a study which is a low cost short duration consulting project where we provide you with a very detailed report with all of the information you need to create your market entry; plan.

If you believe your company could benefit from one of our studies, we would be happy to discuss how we can help you.


Written by: Juan Alvarez

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